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By John King, 02/21/19, 11:30AM CST


No, it’s not that one!

Can you spot the best new hockey trophy ever? Hint: It’s on the right.

You’ve probably been reading all about the new State Tournament Trophy this week. About how they modeled it after the original, paying homage by actually calling it the Eveleth Trophy. In celebration of the State Tournament’s 75th year, the plan is for the new Eveleth Trophy to be shared by the four state champions in A and AA boys and girls. Each team will be able to host their own day with the trophy this summer—like the “Day with the Cup” the NHL has made famous. Local company Jostens was brought in to create this permanent piece of hardware. Yes, it’s cool. They did a nice job. But is it the best new hockey trophy ever? Nope, it’s not even close.

What’s that? You’re surprised by this bold claim? Well, when determining the best new hockey trophy ever, it’s important to ask yourself a few key questions:

Can you drink out of the trophy?

Can you wear the trophy on your head?

Can the trophy capture the imagination of an 8-year-old?

If you can’t wear and drink out of it. It might not be the best new hockey trophy ever.

Is the trophy so amazing, so awesome that it could inspire an otherwise responsible citizen to attempt to steal it?

Does the trophy make you want to scream, “I am Spartacus!” or “Freedom!” at the top of your lungs?

Does the trophy make you want to re-watch the movie 300?

These are the questions you need to ask.  

Good news. Because Game On! Minnesota is here to tell you about the best new hockey trophy ever.  

That’s right, it’s no coincidence that the best new hockey trophy ever launched this week, but it has nothing to do with the State Tournament. Rather, the best new hockey trophy ever will be awarded to the championship teams at the Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival taking place this weekend (February 22-24) in Blaine at the Super Rink. The Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival is a postseason tournament for hockey players with disabilities; it includes sled, special and military teams from across the country. The Hendrickson Foundation provides every athlete a tournament experience, FREE OF CHARGE, including tournament play, a celebrity game, a dinner reception and banquet, as well as hotel accommodations for out-of-town teams.

This is the 3rd year of the Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival and it will feature 42 teams with disabilities. Foundation Executive Director Danny Hendrickson has a simple motto when it comes to the annual Hendrickson festival, “We always say the only tournament better than this one, is next year. And we wanted to give the players something special with a trophy unlike any other.” The Foundation worked with local design companies Replace and Partners + Hunt to create a trophy that is a mashup of a Spartan helmet and an old-school Pelle Lindbergh/Mike Liut style goalie mask—colored black for added effect.

“We had our list of requirements for the trophy,” said Hendrickson. “We wanted something you could drink out of, and also wear on your head. It’s usually one or the other; we didn’t want to make them choose. With this new trophy, we believe we’ve found the best of both worlds.”

Each of the Hendrickson Festival’s division winners will receive one of the epic trophies. Said Hendrickson, “The Hendrickson Foundation’s motto is ‘Hockey Changes Lives,’ and this is just another way to make sure each of the players taking part in our Festival has a world-class experience.”


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