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State Tourney Doggy Bag

By John King, 03/21/17, 9:30AM CDT


Leftovers as delicious as a Day-After- Thanksgiving Sandwich. Dig in!

Just over a week ago, we concluded another wonderful state high school hockey tournament.

7th street was alive, the hockey was world-class, and the hair wasn't so bad either.

As always, here are a few DVD extras from the week that was. A top 5 of things you might have otherwise missed:

(1) The greatest hockey website ever

I say this as someone who runs his own hockey website. Fire, the wheel, Nacho Cheese flavor Combos. . . sure, there have been some great inventions over the years, but this hockey website ranks right up there. Check the link below to RRR Hockey (Results, Records and Rarities). The premise is simple. The site contains every result and score sheet throughout the history of the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament, all packaged in an easy-to-navigate app-like structure built for mobile. Enjoy the rabbit hole; I'll see you in 3 weeks. You're welcome!

Website Link --->

Longtime official scorer for the State Tournament, John Vosejpka, built a glorious website!

(2) This Saint Paul bar made hockey drinking way more fun.

Hockey corn hole? Yes, please!

I have yet to go there, but my phone was blowing up with photos from New Bohemia. Apparently, they are serving ice-cold delicious beers out of a Stanley Cup-shaped mug! Honestly, why hasn't anyone else thought of this? And why are we going though such a period of creativity around hockey? Is this the hockey equivalent of the Renaissance?  It seems like it. If the Stanely Cup-shaped mug wasn’t enough, apparently New Bohemia also allows you to play a game of hockey cornhole IN THE BAR WHILE DRINKING. Why did this take so long to happen? Why did we settle for that weird sawdust shuffleboard game when we could have been tossing sauce as we lubed up?! With novelties like these, if New Bohemia doesn't become headquarters for the Wild’s playoff run this spring, I'll be shocked.

New Bohemia has just the mug to quench the State of Hockey’s thirst

(3) Two ways to help the Hendrickson Foundation without being a big company

Get the lid without the flow. And help a good cause!

I hope some of you liked the All Hockey Hair team this year. We had some fun and got a bit ambitious with the FLOWETRY theme. Most of you know the video raises money for the Hendrickson Foundation supporting disabled hockey in Minnesota, including sled, special, and military (Warriors) divisions.

Companies give us donations, but we wanted to make it easier for regular hockey fans to show their support. So, if you want to make a positive difference, or are just a fan of the crazy videos we make, here are two awesome ways to show some love without emptying your wallet:

Sparxx hockey has donated a skate sharpener to be raffled off. Cost is just $10, and all the proceeds go to Hendrickson. Buy a ticket here:

And if you liked those goofy magnetic poetry hats Warrior made for the All Hockey Hair team, you too can snag one for $50 (proceeds to Hendrickson) by clicking here:

For a $10 donation, get a chance to win a $895 skate sharpener

(4) A glimpse of how “Hockey Changes Lives.”

Now that you’re the proud owner of a skate-sharpener raffle ticket or brand-spanking-new Warrior hat, it’s high time to learn a bit more about what the Hendrickson Foundation is all about. Enjoy the short video below summarizing the first-ever Hendrickson Disabled Fest tournament, which took place in Blaine the week before the State High School Hockey Tourney in Saint Paul. It'll give you a glimpse into what we mean when we say "Hockey changes lives," and the difference your support makes.

(5) Matt Cooke for Jack Adams Award?!?

As part of the Hendrickson Disabled Fest, I had the honor of coaching one of the celebrity teams. When your team has all three Broten brothers, two Parish brothers, and more, “coach” basically means standing behind the bench and staying out of the way. That being said, I was quite surprised when our team was penalized not once but twice for too many men on the ice. Even as an honorary coach, we felt pretty terrible and a little bit embarrassed that we couldn’t seem to manage to put the right number of skaters onto the ice.

Well, after the game we learned that former Wild player Matt Cooke from the opposing team had managed to steal one extra jersey from our locker room. They then, on two separate occasions, sent one of their players (I’m told it was Mike Mussman from radio station K102) onto the ice to draw the call. Once the ref called the penalty, their imposter player would come off the ice right onto our bench, and since it was a celebrity game, no one knew the difference.

Not only is this a pure-genius move I’ve never seen before—the best part (thinking back on it now) was that when the ref called the second too-many-men call on us, it was right at the end of a tie game. A few of the guys on our team were pretty upset and were giving the ref a hard time for making that call at that time in a charity game. And there’s Matt Cooke in the center of the action just screaming, “You can’t have six skaters! You can’t have six skaters! Why is that so hard for you to figure out?” Brilliant! And yet another reason this game is so great.  

These guys executed Matt Cooke’s too many men jersey swap flawlessly

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