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Cold Like Minnesota

By John King, 12/04/16, 6:00PM CST


Burnsville is ready for the 'seas.

Happy Hockey Season

Hockey Season Begins, Burnsville Loses Mind!

If Game On! Minnesota has a favorite contributor it has to be Burnsville’s own Mr. Silberman. Mr. Silberman is a 9th grade social studies teacher, and from what we can gather from his frequent submissions, he should speak at graduation every year. Even though he’s a teacher, Mr. Silberman is more Phil Dunphy high five than stern whack across the knuckles with a ruler. When we get something from Mr. Silberman, we know it’s going to be gold.

Per usual while his latest video clocks in at just two minutes, you’ll find it to be slightly long, and mostly odd. That alone is enough to get the attention of Game On! Minnesota, but Mr. Silberman is also a pied piper as he’s jam packed his latest submission with current Blaze players from both the men’s and women’s high school teams.

With both Halloween and Thanksgiving in the rearview, the Blaze high school teams are both on the ice, and Mr. Silberman’s latest video shows how the entire Burnsville community is getting back into the hockey mindset. If you look closely you’ll even see a few All Hockey Hair Team alumni, and a potential future candidate as the video concludes.

After two minutes it’s very clear hockey is in the water in Burnsville, but what should we expect from the Blaze this year?

After going 8-16-1 a year ago, the women’s team will need to adjust to life without superstar goalie Lauren Bench who gradated and now plays for Bemidji State. Freshman defenseman Avery Sawchuk believes the Blaze can improve, “I think we can get over .500 and get some good wins.” Senior captain Amanda Jackson is equally optimistic, “If we keep scoring goals we’ll do well.  We have a strong core in the back, and a lot of returning defense.”

On the men’s side, last season finished with a trip to the state tournament. Senior assistant captain Roman Ahcan would sure like to get back, “We have high expectations and I believe we can make it back to state again this year. We have strong forwards, and a couple guys that can bring it. It’s hard living up to expectations, but it’s good experience to have the guys on our team that know what it takes to get there.”

So special thanks to Mr. Silberman with a first assist to Lil Yachty. If this latest video proves anything, it’s that while it may be “cold in Minnesota,” the Burnsville Blaze are ready to keep things warm all winter.  Well done!


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