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The Team Picture

By Tony Scott, 04/24/16, 10:15PM CDT


Creation No. 0027

Every once in a while you get a gigantic piece of dessert dropped in front of you (insert your favorite, mine is German chocolate cake). You politely say, "no, I'm full." But you sneak a little bite. Then you sneak another. Fifteen minutes later, it's gone.

A couple weeks ago, my old friend Tom Chorske dropped this picture of his '86-'87 Gopher team on Twitter. Just like the cake, I took a nibble. Then I took another. And another. 

Before I knew it, I was cutting a video about it. This video is an ode to that team and all of its players. I hope they enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed watching them 30 years ago.

The Video

The Pic

The Key

Number Name Number Name Number Name
1 John Blue 13 Cheerleader 25 Tim Bergland
2 Chris May 14 Cheerleader 26 Jay Cates
3 Scott Bloom 15 Cheerleader 27 Tom Chorske
4 Steve Orth 16 Cheerleader 28 Eric Dornfeld
5 Marty Nanne 17 Mike Luckraft 29 Cheerleader
6 Pete Hankinson 18 Frank Gersich 30 Steve Macswain
7 Brett Strot 19 Gary Shopek 31 Jim Peloquin
8 Dave Espe 20 Cheerleader 32 Todd Richards
9 Cheerleader 21 Dave Grannis 33 Cheerleader
10 Jeff Pauletti 22 Lance Pitlick 34 Paul Broten
11 Dave Snuggerud 23 Cheerlead 35 Jon Anderson
12 Cheerleader 24 Craig Mack 36 Brett Nelson

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