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By John King, 02/16/16, 8:45PM CST


Creation No. 0021

Kevin Silberman teaches ninth grade social studies in Burnsville. Several members of the Burnsville Blaze high school team were former students of Silberman’s including senior defenseman Nolan Sawchuk, and senior forwards Brenden Larsen and Cade Borchardt.

            “I was driving to school the other day, and I had this crazy idea” explained Silberman, “I’ve been making all these posters for the games, and I thought it would be funny to see fans with posters cheering for the boys in regular life.”

            Silberman decided to join forces with his former students including Cole Borchardt, who was severely injured in a car accident in 2014 and now tracks shots and gives between-period pep talks to his former team. Silberman and the guys spent a few days turning Silberman’s crazy idea into an internet video. “I guess my dream is to one day transform a Burnsville high school game into a College GameDay atmosphere” said Silberman, “And I know our fans can do it!”

            Silberman hopes to see a Burnsville student section like-no-other in the Section 3AA playoffs which begin for the No. 2 seeded Blaze this Thursday. And he hopes his YouTube video will help spread the word. While there do appear to be several legitimate All Hockey Hair Team candidates on the Blaze, their acting left something to be desired. “They were really nervous to be on film” explained Silberman, “At one point [Eric] Otto was supposed to pretend to be asleep and he said ‘I don’t know how you actors do it!’ And Cade [Borchardt] just yelled back ‘Bite your lip so you don’t laugh!’ It was classic.”

            Professor Silberman even hands out his section tourney syllabus for fans at the end of this two-minute beauty of a video. Mr. Silberman’s instructions are simple and clear: Be a Fan. Make a Poster.

Well, I think Game On! Minnesota just found a new favorite team. Class dismissed!  

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