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Let's bring Chucky Slick to St. Paul!

By John King, 01/11/16, 7:00PM CST


Chucky Slick is a beauty.    

Like many, I first discovered Chucky Slick when I came across his glorious music video “Living the Dream (Junior Hockey Anthem)” a few years back. (If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it below. I promise it will take the pleats right out of your khakis.)  

The video starts with a message to anyone who dares jump over the boards; there are no dimmer switches—junior hockey is an all-in proposition: 




Despite some rather rugged production values, the video is filled with amazing lines as we watch the boys ride the bike and the bus, party in a garage, and play cards. Chucky Slick himself appears to be more gang leader than 4th liner.

1.5 million views and 38K Twitter followers (@ChuckySlick) later, if Chucky Slick has a brand, it’s equal parts chew spit cup, backyard hose water, and chipped teeth.

Watching his videos, it appears Chucky Slick lives a life equal parts flip-flops and slapshots as his Cali crew spends their days rollerblading and cliff diving. They’re the junior hockey version of the Jackass crew with Chucky Slick playing the roll of Johnny Knoxville. Chucky Slick isn’t the kid you want to see knockin’ on your door (OK, let’s be honest.  Honking the horn in the driveway) to pick up your daughter for a date. But when you watch Chucky Slick’s music videos on YouTube (we also highly recommend “Bounce in California” —see below), one thing is certain—you’re going to want to party with this kid. 

That’s why we’re inviting him to Minnesota.

That’s right, Game On! Minnesota is inviting Chucky Slick to the Boys’ State High School Hockey Tournament this March . . .on our dime. If he’s up for it, we’re going to fly him and a buddy in and put them up in a hotel. What do we hope to get out of it? Well, we’d like him to spit some rhymes at our company party, and maybe even get into a little trouble in the 651 area code.

There’s not much more to it. By all accounts Chucky Slick appears to be a real, real good time—and we want him to be our good time, if only for a few hours. After all, the State Tournament could use a little mischief. And, while we don’t expect Chucky Slick to break Mike McGraw’s Harry Potter glasses, you might see him putting a few bucks in Alary’s Touchtunes machine or pounding a few pints at The Liffey. We hope so, anyway. 

But we need your help. 

We’re recruiting Chucky Slick to come visit old-school-style. We made a recruitment poster. We have a hashtag: #slicktosaintpaul. Now we need you to make some noise.

So if you’re someone who would like to see Chucky Slick snowshoeing down West 7th, let him know! Tweet @ChuckySlick, and use the hashtag #slicktosaintpaul. We have a couple other tricks up our sleeve to close the deal, but we won’t get his attention without your help.

And, if you’re Chucky Slick and you’re reading this, hit us up at and we’ll start collecting some warm clothes for you to wear. 

Living the Dream

Bounce in California

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