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4 Words: Marching Band on Ice!

By John King, 11/16/15, 6:30PM CST


A 'Kato Innovation

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The Mavericks may have lost 4-0 on Friday night to the Gophers, but Minnesota State University - Mankato, was a massive winner.

The great game of hockey is not known for its innovation. Sure we have our occasional “New Coke” missteps, like the glowing puck on Fox. But in general, the game is slow and stubborn to change, which is why true innovation and progress simply must be celebrated. 

Whenever hockey is making moves and trying things (which isn’t often), I make a point to sit up and take notice. I notice the big moves like the NHL’s shift to 3 x 3 overtime this season. Thank you, it’s awesome! And I notice the little stuff, like how last year’s Gopher Women’s hockey team brought a little March Madness onto the ice, with the players taking turns cutting the netting out of the goal rung by rung after winning the National championship—a move clearly inspired by NCAA basketball. 

But Kato took things one giant leap further on Friday. I’ve always taken pride that the Minnesota Golden Gophers have skating cheerleaders, but what the Mavericks did Friday night may be the single greatest innovation the world has seen since Elvis put peanut butter and banana together in a sandwich. Like all truly great innovations, in hindsight it was painfully obvious. 


Watch here:

Yes, you heard me. My new favorite institution of learning, Minnesota State - Mankato, decided to send their entire marching band onto the ice between periods of their home hockey game to perform. Suddenly the folks at Verizon Wireless Center must have felt like they were watching Ohio State vs. Michigan.

There is so much to love about this, and the fact that it happened. For starters, dozens of kids walked onto the ice carrying their instruments . . .really, they could have filled the arena with lawyers telling them why this shouldn’t have been possible. Somewhere in Mankato earlier this week, a tuba player was probably considering buying a pair of broom ball shoes, further proof this glorious and bold move simply had to happen. I think I even heard the announcer call the band “the Maverick Machine” at the end of the performance. . .they even have a badass name! 

Thank you Minnesota State - Mankato. You have made the hockey world a better place.  

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