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We are a Family

By John King, 11/09/15, 6:00AM CST


Cathedral players channel inner OC in spot-on Miracle impression

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When my buddy texted me about the video below, he wrote “THIS IS WEIRD ENOUGH THAT YOU MIGHT LIKE IT” above the link: 

Parody Video

He was right. When I first watched this 90-second masterpiece on YouTube, I had no idea what I was watching, or why a team would make this. I was just happy this deadpan ridiculousness was now in the world. Thank you boys. 

A group of current high school players at perennial powerhouse St. Cloud Cathedral decided to dutifully recreate the “We’re a family” scene from the movie Miracle all the way to the sport coats, accents, and camera angles. 

When I spoke to Senior Forward Jack Petroske, I started by asking the question on all of your minds: “Really, you couldn’t find a coach bus?” Once we had that out of the way, Petroske explained the real motivation behind the video. After ten years, Cathedral head coach Eric Johnson had stepped down to pursue a new job with a medical device company. When a choked-up Johnson broke the news to his players, it left them stunned. After talking with coach, the guys gathered in the parking lot, and Petroske said, “It’s going to be a lot different without him [coach] here. We need to stick together and stay as close as we can, and we need to help the new coach, whoever he is.”    

Cathedral players and iMovie stars Camren Dehler, Max LaBine, Jake Vanhalbeck, Vince McStott, and Mitchell Hess shot the clip at Petroske’s house this summer.  They filmed everything on an iPad in one afternoon after school before heading to the Cathedral football game later that night. Petroske’s dad grilled up some burgers and loaned them a sportcoat for the shoot. 

“Family” is the theme for Cathedral as they start the season with their sights on a return to the State Tournament after losing in the Section Final last year. “Last year we weren’t as close a group as we should have been. And it showed,” said Petroske. “Cathedral used to have a phrase, ‘brothers of blue,’ but this year we just call it family. Every single kid on our team hangs out together. We have team sleepovers and play team paintball.”

All you need to do is look at the original Miracle clip below to appreciate the painstaking detail these kids went through recreating the scene.

Actual Video

The jackets the boys are wearing are vintage Cathedral golf team coats they dug up from storage. They even added music from the actual clip, ripping the audio off YouTube. And, while the kid playing Herb Brooks has a bit more salad than Herbie did, this wasn’t negotiable. “He wasn’t going to put his hair up,” explained Petroske. 

When asked about his fondness for the movie Miracle, Petroske didn’t hold back: “I can’t count how many times I’ve watched that movie. I actually just watched it the other day, last Saturday.”

In fact, the only notable changes between the Cathedral reenactment and the actual Miracle clip are that the bus has been swapped for Petroske’s porch, and Lake Placid has been changed to the State Tournament. When I asked Petroske if the boys planned to make another iMovie, he mentioned they were considering shooting the Jack O’Callahan bar scene. How would I feel about another one of these odd little films? Well, as Coach Brooks would say, I hope they do it “AGAIN!  AGAIN!  AGAIN!”

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