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The Old Pro

By Tony Scott, 11/15/15, 6:00PM CST


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I am in a rink 300 days a year. I see all walks of life. Moms, dads and grandparents are what I see most. I see rich kids, tall kids, little brothers and big sisters – at one rink I saw a team called the Little Sisters of the Poor.

A certainty at every rink in Minnesota - almost more certain than a bad call or missed scoring chance is to run into a former star in the lobby. My favorite are the ex-professional players. All have great stories to tell about their climb into the professional ranks, or even better stories about when they played the game. Each of these ex-pros seem to fit into a category or two. Here are a few I've seen.

Do You Know Who I am Guy?

They always say you can spot a guy who went to Harvard because within five minutes they will tell you…the same goes for  a lot of ex-pros…several ex pros will tell you their name as if you don’t know who they are.

My favorite DYKWIAGs are the ones who say their name, even when said in the context of the conversation (e.g. fast food counter), it doesn't matter.

Have you seen my Ring Guy

Winning a Stanley Cup is the pinnacle of Hockey. Some guys never leave home without their ring…even on a routine trip to the grocery store.

Take a Look at this!

Mr. Humble

One of the best old pros I know is so humble, I have to ask him to tell me he played in the league. He never uses “I played…’, “My roomate in college was…” or “I remember when.." He under compensates his greatness.

I Own a Horse Farm

My favorite ex-pros are the ones who completely disengage from the game - as if that chapter is over and it's time to write a new one. Mark Pavelich has barely been seen since he won Gold in Lake Placid or even better, Neal Broten, he will appear somewhere when invited...but he never seems to wear out his welcome.

PeeWees = Pros Guy

This is the guy who coaches a PeeWee game as if it is Game 7. Every call by the $25 a game ref never measures up, the bubble kid gets his bubble burst after every shift.

The 80’s Guy

There’s always the guy who is  still living in the past. This guy has no memory of life past December 31, 1989. Every detail from the 1980’s is still fresh in his head like it was yesterday. It is not just the hockey with 80's Guy – his hair looks like Frank Poncherello from CHIPS, he’s sporting Levi's 501’s and his wife looks like Heather Dynasty!

If you see a woman like that looks like old pro may be nearby

Invisible Man

This is the guy who comes to the rink, blends in with the other dads, doesn’t coach, doesn’t say a word and doesn’t care if his kid plays another season past the one they are in. We call him Invisible Man because we've never seen this guy before.

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