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"I had a Dream"

By Tony Scott, 10/22/15, 8:00AM CDT


Wild Defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom hoists the Stanley Cup

The Team Everyone Loved

(Enter Dream Squiggly lines and a little fog)

My dream happened July 4, 2013…I was at the cabin and the day prior, my favorite pro hockey team did something only the New York Yankees or Los Angeles Lakers did when I was growing up. They signed the two best free agents FOR A LOT OF MONEY - in one day! Zach Parise and Ryan Suter.

So that night I went to bed and had the craziest dream. The facts of the dream were dreamy. The names were off a bit, Parise was Jack Parise (pronounced Pa-REESE). Local announcers called him the Lumberjack. Suter was Ryan Suter, Jr. and he was a mysterious renaissance man who draped a pony tail outside his helmet. While the names were a bit goofy, the uniforms they wore were not. The Wild had old school two color jerseys – straight forward Forest and Wheat with Forest helmets and gloves that matched at home and Wheat and Forest on the road with spectacular custom Wheat helmets on the road. This team was so good they didn’t need a third jersey to sell merchandise. They just lined up and beat you. If the opponent was cheap, they were cheaper. If the opponent fast, the Wild was faster. If the opponent trapped us, they just busted through it. 

Wild Road Jersey


They were good at everything.

They won the regular season clinching the Central Division and home ice in February. In the first round, they exorcized demons by beating the Blackhawks in 4. In the second round, they breezed past the Avs in 4, not one game was close. In the Conference Final, Doc Emerick used fancy words to describe our win as “indiscriminate" and “obliterate” as they swept the Stars in four. After they beat the Stars, they thwarted tradition and hoisted the Campbell Bowl and flaunted it in front of the Dallas fans and then drank beer from it in the locker room together later.

Why? They just didn’t care.

This team was a tight band of renegades. They weren’t clean cut, they wore playoff beards all year, except during the playoffs, then they shaved. They didn’t care what others thought, all they wanted to do was win. The team's motto inscribed on the wall in the locker room was "Play for Each Other." 

The Fans Loved Them

Every game was sold out at the X and every game was sold out on the road too. The fans followed their team on the road en masse…Wild officials rented and filled busloads of fanatics for each "road" game filling any unwanted seats by their opponents couldn't sell.  Their supporter were crazy, many wore beards and ponytails like their heroes.

They made it look easy.

By the time the Finals started, they were on the cover of Time Magazine - Sports Center started every broadcast with a Wild report live from wherever these darlings were that day. The day Niklas Lidstrom came out of retirement to skate for the Wild was an absolute zoo. 

In the finals, they took on heavy underdog - the Toronto Maple Leafs. Hockey fans everywhere knew the Leafs had no chance, they fell to the Forest and Wheat in four and all that was left was the parade down West Seventh Street to Kellogg Boulevard with their prized property - the Stanley Cup. 

No. 0002

Wild Home Jersey

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