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Throwback Thursday: 2005 All Hockey Hair Team.

By John King, 03/28/19, 9:00AM CDT


TBT: 2005 All Hockey Hair Team.

With the Grand FLOWnale complete, I am officially retired from rating high-school kids’ hair every March. On my farewell tour, I often referenced the 2019 All Hockey Hair Team as being my tenth one. Well, some of you might have noticed you could only find nine on YouTube starting with the 2011 installment. (I’ll wait for you to count on your fingers.) Yes, 2011 to 2019—that’s nine.

So, where was the first one?

When was the first one?

The first annual All Hockey Hair Team was in 2005, and it was on television. I was a “writer” (I’m doing air quotes because while I wasn’t paid to write, it felt cool to send in ideas) for a local TV program brilliantly titled The Show To Be Named Later. The show ran late-night after Saturday Night Live on Kare 11, so it’s safe to say our audience was about 11 guys who had fallen asleep with beers in their hand, and the “writers” from the show like me.

I thought it fitting on Throwback Thursday to release this Hockey Hair Team time capsule of sorts. As you can see from watching it, the format was quite different. I selected one guy from each position and filled in a starting lineup of great salads. Other notes: Always a free spirit, I randomly chose to include two goalies. Back then, I wasn’t getting really creative describing the flow; it was more matter-of-fact reporting. You’ll also notice State tourney legend, Mike Randolph, makes an appearance as our first coach. And the entire segment clocked in just under two minutes. TV time is expensive, folks!

So, for those of you looking to complete your set, here it is: the first edition of the All Hockey Hair Team from way back in 2005. Special thanks to Marty Wetherall for somehow having an hour of TV on the air when he was in his 20s and considering me as a writer, to OG Lou Bavaro and on-air host Jonny Voss, and to Erin Virgin for editing the first one back at Fallon.

Mostly I’m just excited for a bunch of guys now in their early 30’s who maybe no longer have the best salad, to find out they were on the All Hockey Hair Team. Happy Throwback Thursday from Game On! Minnesota.  

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